• "Timber Is The Best Long-Term Investment & The Only Low-Risk, High-Reward Asset" - Jeremy Grantham

  • World Demand on Timber is at Unprecedented Levels - Managed Plantations Are The Answer

  • We Are Planting & Creating New Forests & helping endangered species to thrive

  • When markets crash, timber remains strong. In 2008 when S&P fell 37% - timber rose 9%

  • Talk to us about how you can add valuable tropical timber to your portfolio

  • People - Planet - Profit... Working Together to Do Good Socially, Economically, and Financially!




Maderas Futuro, S.A. is a dedicated and environmentally focused tropical timber and alternative agri-development company. Our corporate focus is on people, planet, and profit – with the primary focus on helping individuals and institutions find risk-adverse investment assets that produce above average financial returns in the rapidly growing Nicaraguan emerging market.

Our team share more than 50 years of local business and tropical forestry experience, and our projects include tropical hardwood reforestation, agricultural cultivation, sustainable forestry management, renewable energy generation, biomass production, avoided deforestation, and developing sustainable communities in ecologically stressed areas. In working with our private and institutional clients we personalize global investment solutions that are tailored to the accumulation and protection of wealth through safe and secure alternative investment vehicles. Being in the heart of an emerging market, where the economic focus is on sustainable growth and job creation, our approach with clients is tailored around a comprehensive diversification strategy. Working together for mutually beneficial goals we therefore strive to achieve maximum returns with reduced exposure to risk.

Timber - Safe & Profitable

People, Planet, Prosperity

When we simply write a check to charity instead of looking the needy in the eye, we temporarily help their immediate needs but short change their humanity. When we cut down another forest, we merely make profit but forget to see the cost. For more than 100 years now, business has focused on attaining more and more for less and less. The next 100 years will require us to design profit generation in harmony with planet sustainability.

At Maderas Futuro, S.A., the financial goals we’re achieving for both our clients and ourselves, start with a passion for portfolio security. It is here we believe innovative investment solutions are built and where investors will ultimately find attractive risk-adverse returns.

Why Timber?

One only has to look at the last fifteen or so years to realize that volatility can turn gains into losses very quickly. The market is up; then before you know it it’s down. Real estate was on a high, and then it fell off the cliff. This kind of volatility doesn’t lend itself to wealth creation, nor does it help the average person build a solid retirement nest egg.

As government and private debt levels expand exponentially, the very wealthy take shelter in hard assets. Timber has been their asset of choice for centuries and has outperformed all major indices over the past 30-40 years. Now is not the time to take chances with your money. We invite you to discover how owning timberland can not only safeguard your wealth, but help it grow too… Read More

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Timber Ownership

Maderas Futuro offers clients the opportunity to participate in the lucrative business of hardwood timber. Individuals, corporations, and institutional investors choose to own timberland for a variety of financial reasons, and we are here to help you in your strategic planning of such ownership. We tailor ownership plans on an individualized basis to best suit every budget and personal financial goal. Our clients are adding timberland to their portfolios for several reasons; for future retirement income needs, to offset higher education expenses, estate planning needs and more. The trees we grow are planted from only the most carefully selected seedlings, and our optional forestry management services are available to assist in care, harvesting, and sawn lumber sales to the local and worldwide marketplace.

We operate several sustainable ‘for profit’ plantations with a sensitive focus on the environment. Our reforestation planning practices ensure the sustainability of forests while safely growing the value of money. This carefully planned farming practice is what provides our clients with achievable projections, steady capital growth, and the knowledge of helping the environment. Our permanently monitored plantations remain under the watchful eye of live personnel 24/7, ensuring every tree is being well taken care of. Owners receive frequent updates via our online farm dairy which provides them with on site images so that they can see how their trees are doing.

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